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Every couple is different, and every marriage is unique, which is why finding the right resources for your relationship can be challenging. If there were just one book, one approach to relationships that worked – there would only be one to choose from.

As a Marriage Counselor I work with couples every day, I see first-hand what does and doesn’t help. I can tell you that there are great (and not so great) resources out there. Our goal is to bring you the most qualified experts and the most helpful resources for your relationship in one place. We have done the research, so you don’t have to.

We Want More is a one-stop shop for:

*Helpful Articles – advice that works for Communication, Conflict, Sex, Parenting and more

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The idea of finding a soul mate is very appealing, and let’s face it Hollywood makes boatloads of money selling us this dream. We will find one person, like a needle in a haystack, that will get us, and be able to not only meet all of our needs – they will anticipate our needs. It is a great story, but it is just that, a story.

All too often when marriage gets tough people reflect on that myth and think, “Wow, I just married the wrong person. I should go find my true soul mate.” After fourteen years of marriage, a Masters degree in counseling and sitting in the crucible of marriage counseling with countless couples I firmly believe that soul mates are not found…they are made.

And that is where We Want More can help. From the privacy of your home, you can explore, learn and grow your relationship. We Want More is about keeping relationships going. Not in that beat-a-dead-horse kind of a way, but in the way that takes us out of our comfort zone and stretches us to grow and try new ways of relating. We want to provide you with the information you need to navigate those times when you feel like ‘we don’t fit together.’ With the right tools you can soften those rough edges, work past resentments, let go of the “only if’s” and get truly connected. You can create the relationship you want – even though you may occasionally feel like stabbing your partner in the eye (trust me I hear it all in my office).

For too long we have accepted the idea that we have two choices – stay in a mediocre marriage or get a divorce and start over with someone new. I know that there is more out there for couples. It is possible to create the relationship that you want with the person you’re already with – if you have the right tools. It’s okay to want more, and We Want to help you have More!

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Hilary Phillips, MS, LPC

We Want More, Atlanta, GA